Research of Etiology Cancers in Jammu and Kashmir Valley


  • Usman Yusuf Research Scholar, Department of Biology, Monad University, India


kashmir, environment, cancer


Our aim is towards conduct a widespread review of the literature on the prevalence and etiology of the various malignancies into the Jammu and Kashmir to identify potential future research areas. Worldwide, melanoma is one of the leading foundations of illness and death. The Kashmir Valley, with its diverse socio-religious traditions, eating habits and locations, appears to have a higher incidence of cancer than other parts of India. All forms of cancer have be present conveyed in the Jammu and Kashmir basin, which including skin, dome and turtleneck, abdominal swathe, genitourinary system, lung, breast, skin, thyroid and blood. Cancer etiology is the result of complex interactions between genetic and environmental variables.


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