Peer Review Policy

The entire reviewing process is coordinated by the editor in OJS and is done as a double-blind review. Papers submitted to the Applied Science and Biotechnology Journal for Advanced Research (ABJAR) go through a rigorous peer review process to ensure that the research published is of high quality. At least two reviewers for each manuscript on the related topic are involved in the reviewing process. If there are just two reviewers, the editor's choice will be based primarily on the first reviewer's assessment. One cycle of the reviewing procedure will take two weeks to complete for a reviewer. The author's revision must incorporate previous reviewer comments, as well as notification that the document has been changed. In general, reviewer candidates will be picked based on their worldwide publication record and the quality of the study. The editor then sends an invitation letter to each of the reviewer candidates. The editor can create an account for each reviewer and then transmit the manuscript via OJS after the candidate for reviewer has been advised of their availability for the reviewing process.