Enhancing Medicinal Plants with Biotechnology


  • Oalasode Yisa Researcher, Department of Biotechnology, University of Ilorin, Nigeria




medical plants, cells, production, compounds


The majority of the world's population gets its life-saving medications from medicinal plants, which are its primary source. High-quality plant-based medicines could be made via in vitro regeneration, which has a lot of potential. The essential genotypes of therapeutic plants must be chosen, multiplied, improved, analyzed, and conserved using biotechnological technologies. As microbial cells and chemical synthesis are unable to create useful therapeutic chemicals, flavors, perfumes, and colorants, plant cell culture methods represent a potential renewable source of these substances. Because in vitro propagation of medicinal plants with enhanced bioactive principles and cell culture methodologies for selective metabolite production are found to be extremely helpful for the commercial production of medicinally significant compounds, this review article discusses the role of biotechnology in the production of medicinal plants.


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