A Study on Fruit Fly and of Dacus Ciliatus


  • E.V. Ubak Trainer, Department of Genetics Biotechnology, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria




fruit fly, dacus, ciliatus


The Rewa region is quite lovely and has a diverse population of fruit flies. Because of its varied geography and climatic conditions, the area is a natural habitat for many fruit flies. The current inquiry examines the relative prevalence of several species of fruit flies in the Rewa region. The research period at Rewa saw a particularly severe fruit attack. In the cucurbitaceous fields, timely netting was done to determine the relative incidence of various species. 1860 flies were caught in total during the season, which ran from July to November. 1701 of these flies belonged to the Dacus cucurbitae coq. species, 106 to the Dacus ciliatus species, and the remainder to other Dacus species. Dacus cucurbitae and Dacus ciliatus had a 16:1 ratio.


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