Study of Birds' Ecological Function and Bio Indicators


  • Dr. Gargi Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, MMH College, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India



ecological, bio indicators, birds pollination, pest control, seed dispersal


Birds serve a variety of functions, such as nutrient cycling, ecosystem engineering, pest control, pollination, scavenging, seed dispersal, predator control, and pest control. However, the environmental services that birds provide are also reducing as a result of the global fall in bird populations. Due to a lack of knowledge, the ecological and economic value of the services provided by birds is not fully understood. In order to support bird conservation, this review paper tries to clarify the function of birds in the agro ecosystem and their advantages for humans. The protection of numerous ecological services that ultimately enhance human well-being would be made possible by healthy bird populations and their habitats.


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