Farm Technology and Socio Economic Causes for Rural to Urban Migration in India


  • Anand Kumar Meena Research Scholar, Department of Plant Pathology, S. K. Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner, India



farm, technology, rural india


The act of accepting a village for some goal, such as development as in this situation, is known as "village adoption." At several levels in our nation, there are numerous village adoption initiatives being carried out. However, simply adopting them won't be enough to build more than 6 lakh communities in India. Therefore, we must improve village adoption programmes in order to implement a model village approach, as village adoption must be seen as a key step in achieving this. The Model Village and Village Adoption Programmes are sometimes confused with one another, albeit they are not.  This study makes an effort to evaluate these two strategies and offers special examples that illustrate the extent and potential of the Model village idea. With this innovative strategy, our nation's progress is anticipated to accelerate.


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