Association of Diabetic Patients in the Area of Kanpur with Abnormal Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure


  • Dr. Sanjeet Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, SRM University, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India



systole and diastole, body mass index, hypertension, statistically significant


The entire investigation was conducted at the Rama Medical College, Hospital, and Research Centre in Kanpur in collaboration with the Central Research Laboratory department. The major goal was to establish a link between high blood pressure and an abnormal body mass index in diabetic individuals in this area. At the time of enrollment, the participants' average age was almost 45.339.1 years. Between patients and controls, there were substantial differences in the mean HbA1c levels for hypertension. At the outset of hypertension, the mean blood pressure values were primarily systolic and were shown to be statistically significant. Additionally, it was observed that the patients' systolic blood pressures gradually rose along with their BMI. Between the diabetic and non-diabetic groups, there was a statistically significant rise in systolic blood pressure (p 0.0001).


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