A Review Study on Healthcare Management


  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor, SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India
  • Megha Shankar Jha M Pharma (Pharmacology) & MBA (HCM), 1st Year, NMIMS, Shirpur, India
  • Shubham Kumar M Pharma (Pharmaceutics) & MBA (HCM), 1st Year, NMIMS, Shirpur, India




healthcare management, healthcare marketing, healthcare entrepreneurship, healthcare products


Healthcare is an integral part of the mankind development. Managing the Healthcare sector has its own sphere of challenges. There are players in the market who have been contributing quit well towards healthcare. These Entrepreneurs who enter the field of Healthcare product demonstrate a unique feature of commercialisation with the moral attributes of producing product that protects the health interest of People. The Healthcare Entrepreneurship which entails to provide the solutions to the Healthcare Needs of the Society has been a great advent in the society since ages. Healthcare Startups have also gained momentum with time. The Healthcare starts ups in the Nation have been adopting innovative practices to solve needs of people. Healthcare Management supports this momentum and involves supervising medical services and facilities to ensure efficient patient care through tasks like planning, organizing, staffing, and resource allocation.

This review paper is a descriptive article attempted by collecting data through the Secondary sources. The study aims to understand the concept & essence of Healthcare Management. It further aims to gather insights on the Healthcare Management through structured review of literature. The authors have contributed a Healthcare Management recommendation based on the review study. The study depicts the knowledge on Healthcare Management and the literary effort can serve as Literature for further studies. The authors have considered Healthcare Management aspects at large rather any specific wing of Healthcare sector. Hence this may be the limitations of the study. The inferences drawn from the study may be indicative in nature rather exhaustive.


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