A Study on Consumption of Energy & Health Drinks among Youth with Special Reference to Vapi City


  • Jaya Tupe B. Pharma, 4th Year Sem. VIII Student, SSR College of Pharmacy, India
  • Hiral Vadgama B. Pharma, 4th Year Sem. VIII Student, SSR College of Pharmacy, India
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor, SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India




energy drinks, health drinks, youth, healthcare, consumer


Health drinks are liquids that give nutrition and hydration with minimal calories and sugar. Water is the best option for quenching thirst, however coffee and tea with no added sugars are good. While some studies suggest that energy drinks can improve physical performance and attention, they are also connected with serious health hazards, particularly among teenagers and young adults .So a survey was conducted to study the pattern of the consuming the energy and health drinks among the youth. The majority of the secondary data was gathered from online sources. The main primary source of data was a survey among the young people in Vapi city between the ages of 18 and 25. The aim of the study is to understand the concept & essence of Energy Drink & Health Drink. Also the Researchers aim to conduct the comparative analysis on consumption of energy & health drinks among youth. The study encompasses the domain of Energy & Health Drinks with its consumption among youth. The inferences are limited to the responses of a defined age group and may not be applicable to consumers at large. The conclusions may not apply to all consumers because they are restricted to the replies of a specific age group. The poll was performed using Google Forms, and 111 responses were received. The responses were gathered, processed, and summarized to produce informative data. The data was subsequently used to reach the final conclusion. The results are more indicative in nature rather exhaustive. Researchers have obtained a variety of results and findings regarding the youth and their drinking habits. The organizations in the field of Energy & Health Drinks are the major beneficiaries through this study.


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